Industries We Work With

Who We’ve Been Proudly Serving for Over 30 Years

Since the early 1980s, Austin Staffing, Inc. has been helping our clients with dedication and professionalism, for nearly every industry. Austin Staffing, Inc. offers placement services for:

  • City, County, and State Agencies
  • Federal Government
  • Administrative
  • Information Technology – All Sectors
  • Banking and Finance
  • Contact Centers
  • Help Desk
  • Social Media
  • Legal Firms
  • Oil, Gas, Wastewater, Piping, Hydro Engineers, Civil, etc.
  • Electrical Engineers
  • CAD
  • All Sectors of Green and Alternative Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Biotech
  • Pharma
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Startups
  • Non-Profits
  • Private Sector
  • Your Company!
Experienced and trained business professionals

The Positions We Fill

Hiring young business and executive professionals

Executive Search

By taking the time to fully understand your needs, Austin Staffing, Inc. is able to conduct a national Executive Search based on your expectations. We recruit specialized markets, conduct in-depth interviews, past employment verification, credential screening, skill check (where applicable), and establish a match based on your criteria and culture.

Contract and Temp Placement

For positions that do not require permanent hire and usually have a timeline of less than 2 years, we offer Temp and Contract Placement. We cover all employer burdens in these cases. Employees are recruited specifically for your company, and each employee is interviewed, screened, background verified, and skill tested for your assignments.

Interviews for temporary and contract employement.
Permanent jobs being filled by Austin Staffing.

Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement (or Direct Hire) is the perfect solution when your company needs to onboard employees directly.  After our office conducts a full recruiting campaign with a team of recruiters, candidates are screened and interviewed by our staff, and only qualified job candidates that meet your criteria are submitted for consideration.

Temp to Hire

Temp to Hire is designed for a scenario where your company needs more employees, but is not quite ready to place them directly on your payroll. This is a great opportunity to review an employee prior to committing to regular hire. This staffing method also helps to reduce company attrition and overhead reports. As with our other models, all employees are completely vetted, interviewed and screened to your qualifications, and remain on the ASI payroll until you are ready to convert them. 

Young lady being hired to fill a temporary job position.
Business using Austin Staffing's Payroll Program

Payroll Staffing*

Is using Staffing Agency services without the recruiting fees a possibility? With Austin Staffing, Inc. yes! About 30% of our existing clients utilize our Payroll Staffing services. In this model, your firm has identified a candidate for hire, but would like to place them on the agency payroll until comfortable with converting to a full time employee, or perhaps the position is short term – maybe 3-6 months. In either case, we remove the recruiting fees from our pricing. After all, you are recruiting them!

To learn more about Payroll Staffing, click here.

*ASI does not place your existing employees onto our payroll. This option is only for new employee candidates. We are not a PEO. 

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