Payroll Staffing

Our Payroll Staffing (Client Recruited Employee) program allows you to evaluate the candidate before committing them to your own payroll. Payroll Staffing is also the perfect solution for contract employees and seasonal workers.

ASI ensures each Client Recruited Employee (CRE) completes our application process and properly passes all pre-employment screening required for employment in the US. Should the candidate not be able to complete the application and screening process, you are notified immediately.

Payroll Staffing Services cover all new employee processing, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, payroll and payroll taxes, tax deposits, unemployment claims, year end W2’s, and any other employer burdens associated with hiring a new employee.┬áPlus, ASI offers Group Medical, Dental, and Vision to all its employees – even employees enrolled in our Payroll Staffing program.

ASI is not a PEO or Leasing Firm, therefore there are no long term contracts and we do not require that we employ 100% of the workforce at your location. We do not remove employees from your payroll onto ours. This would be for new hires only.

Because job candidates are employees of ASI, our mod rates for workers compensation and unemployment will apply – even if your rates are higher.

If Your Company Uses Employees That Are:

  • Seasonal
  • High Turnover
  • Short Term
  • On Call
  • Part Time
  • Probationary
  • 1099 / Contract Employees

If Your Company

  • Has limited time for accounting
  • Wants to reduce or eliminate record keeping
  • Only wish to commit to proven employees
  • Want to save time and money on the hiring process
  • Need to reduce unemployment or comp rates
  • Would like an extended HR Department

You Need Payroll Staffing

Whether your company is small with only one or two employees, or a large call center or manufacturing firm, Payroll Staffing could be exactly what you need!
Placing an employee onto your company’s payroll is a great expense. Payroll Staffing saves time and money!